Acclaim Academy - Orange County - U.S. Army Junior ROTC

  • Be on time for class (use restrooms before class).
  • Bring necessary materials to class (note paper, pen/pencil).
  • Raise hand to speak, wait to be addressed.
  • Address teachers as "Sir" or "Ma'am", or by rank.
  • No food or drinks in classroom, except bottled water.
  • Do not leave classroom without teacher's permission.
  • Approach teacher's desk only on request; Wait at parade rest.
  • No sitting on desks.
  • Uniform inspection is each Monday, unless otherwise POSTED.
  • Head gear is not worn indoors or under cover.
  • Read JROTC bulletin boards daily for upcoming events, training, news, etc.
  • Uniforms, equipment, and textbooks are issued to the cadet at no cost.
  • A statement of responsibility must be signed by the parent or guardian assuming financial responsibility for any JROTC item(s) lost or damage due to neglect by the cadet. A Statement of Responsibility will be sent home with the cadet during the first day of classes.
  • During the school year lost uniform items must be replaced immediately to avoid losing inspection points on the weekly uniform inspection. Replacement items may be purchased from the JROTC Instructor Staff.
  • Each Cadet is responsible for the cost of cleaning, laundry, and normal maintenance of uniforms while in his/her possession.
  1. Cadets are expected to exercise courtesy in their dealings with each other and with the school faculty.
  2. Cadets will, when in uniform, maintain military bearing and conduct themselves in a military manner
SALUTING: The salute is an exchange of greetings between military personnel.
  1. When in uniform and out doors, cadets will salute the following persons when encountered on the campus:
     a.  Officers of the Armed Forces in uniform.
     b.  JROTC Instructors (officers only).
     c.  Cadet officers in uniform.
2.  The salute will not be rendered indoors except when reporting to any Army or cadet officer.
3.  When the salute is rendered, appropriate verbal greeting will be made, i.e., "Good Morning, Sir/Ma’am".
REPORTING: When reporting to the office of an officer, cadets will conform to the following procedure:
1.  Knock on the door. Do not enter until told to do so.
2.  Uncover, except when under Arms, and report.
3.  Report by saluting and stating "Sir/Ma’am, Cadet _______________ reports. Hold the salute until returned by the officer.
4. State your business.
5.  Do not lean on desks or tables, stand at ease or sit down unless invited to do so.
6.  When you are dismissed, come to attention, salute, execute "about face" and depart.
1.  When the Instructor enters the room at the beginning of the period all cadets will stand at attention and remain standing until told to be seated by the instructor. Class leaders will take a status report of cadets absent for the instructor.
2.  Classroom instruction will be conducted with all students at ease. Cadets will not slouch in their seats, put their feet on other desks, or be inattentive to instruction. They will be required to sit at ease, erect, and with both feet on the floor beneath their desks. Horseplay, chewing gum, eating or other classroom distractions will not be permitted.
3.  During classroom instruction the instructor may require that cadets stand and state their rank and last name when asking or answering questions. If so, they will remain standing until directed to take their seats.
4.  Upon the entrance of a school official or a visiting officer senior to the instructor into a military classroom, the first cadet to see him will call "Attention", and all cadets will stand at attention until directed otherwise. The only exception to this policy is that if classroom instruction has started, attention will not be called, and instruction will continue.


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